Fishing at Cairnton Fishing at Middle Blackhall
Cairnton Local Procedures

Dee Code

Beat & Bounds

The upstream limit of the beat is the sign at the Colonel pool above the Ferroch hut. The downstream limit is the Cannie burn below Invercannie waterworks. The beat holds 4 rods max throughout the season. The Ghillie will advise where to place rods. The area around Cairnton House is private, please respect the owner’s privacy and only use access points to the river as advised by the Ghillie.


Cairnton has the dubious honour of possessing some of the best white water in the whole of the Dee’s 80 miles. We can't stop canoeists, but we have given them license to Wednesday afternoons and Sundays in return for which we are left alone during the rest of the week. Generally they are most considerate, but there are exceptions, in the event of unreasonable behaviour, please avoid a "slanging" match – do try and establish the club involved and report to the Ghillie.


All move at 2 pm and 6 pm. During evening fishing, fish the beat on which you will start next morning.

Estate Roads / Bankside Tracks

We would be most grateful if when travelling on Estate Roads and Bankside Tracks that you drive in accordance with the speed limit signs.

Ferroch Hut

The Ferroch Lunch Hut is fully equipped with wood burning stove, electricity, fridge, small cooker and kettle. Basic hot drinks ingredients, plates, mugs, glasses and cutlery are also provided. Smoking is not permitted in the hut.


Wildlife management is an integral part of the activities at Cairnton and roaming dogs are simply not compatible, so although we welcome dogs they must be kept on a lead at all times and it's keeper clears up after it.

Water Safety

The Dee at Cairnton is not especially deep, except at high water, but the current can be heavy and the stones are very slippy. Although the proprietor accepts no liability for personal fishing accidents it is recommended that anglers should wear life jackets, which are available to borrow if required. Before commencing fishing you will be asked to sign a disclaimer stating that you have been offered a life jacket. A wading stick is also advisable.


The rapid, and international spread of the salmon parasite Gyrodatylus continues to be a concern. To help prevent its spread to the Dee, we ask all guest that have fished outside the British Isles and Ireland in the last three months to pledge that they have disinfected all fishing tackle according to the current guidelines.


Particulars of any catch (ie weight, fly, pool) including nil returns should be given to the Ghillie at your next encounter or if that is not practical, it is the fishers responsible to leave a note with the details.