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  • It's still early days
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    River Height:
    Water Temp:
    1' 11"
    South West
    Sea Trout:

    Sea Trout:


    Fishing conditions were fairly changeable over the past week, a few days it was very pleasant with some brighter spells and a few were pretty stormy days. River heights were good apart from Tuesday when it was up to 6ft on the Cairnton gauge and carrying a lot of colour but over all not bad for the 2nd week of the season. On the fishing side of things it was fairly quiet but the rods that do come out at this time of year work hard covering the water and are really keen whatever the conditions and there is always that chance of a fish. The coming week looks like wind from all directions with some rain and snow on higher ground.

    As always book your fishing directly with us and contact Sarah to set your dates in the diary.

    Cheers Brian

    It's still early days
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