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  • We need the heatwave to end
    Conditions Fish Caught in the Past Week Fish Caught this Season so far
    River Height:
    Water Temp:
    - 4"
    Very light southerly
    Sea Trout:

    Sea Trout:



    This past week got off to a more promising start with the height on Monday sitting at minus 3.5 inches but it did rise a couple of inches with heavy overnight rain on Sunday and by Tuesday we were sitting on 1 inch above 0 inches but unfortunately the levels fell away as the days went on and by Saturday we were back down to minus 3.5 inches, also the morning water temperatures were back down to the lower 60's Fahrenheit. Pretty much most days were uncomfortably hot and bright with an occasional breeze. The weeks catch was two sea trout, one of 3lb for Bob Kenyon and another one of 3lb for Bernard Bimboes with a few others being lost.

    The coming week looks like the heatwave is over, for the time being anyway, with a drop in temperatures and some rain floating about so fingers crossed.

    Cheers Brian

    We need the heatwave to end
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