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  • Bank Report 7th of Apr 2019
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    This week was a slow start, we needed a change in water. The weather changed by mid week. Thursday we managed to get on the scoresheet with a cracking Sea trout around 2/3 lb. Caught by Ben Richardson in the Cottage pool using an intermediate line with a black Francis.  Later that afternoon Will Shropshire hooked into a Lovely salmon from Lower Ferroch  with a floating line, slow sink tip and the old faithful Sunray shadow with a nice slow retrieve. 

    On Saturday Ian Anderson fished Cairnton. After a quick tackle discussion he was on his way and was off the mark by 9.30 with a stunning fish from Middle Ferroch using a Skagit with a T14 tip and a home tidied willie gun.   Later that afternoon I changed the fly to a bottle tube monkey, then i sent Ian down into Lower Ferroch where he was rewarded with his second springer of the day a fresh 9lb salmon.  No sea lice but very fresh. 

    On Middle Blackhall I had Pontus Gunlycke fishing with his friends for the week they managed to hook a couple of fish but unfortunately lost them. 

    Its encouraging seeing a few fish moving throughout the beat this week.  Fingers crossed my fishers get some good sport this coming week. 

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    Bank Report 7th of Apr 2019
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