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  • Availability Update - 30th March
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    Next week, commencing 1st April 2019 we have the following availability.

    Mon 1st April - Cairnton 4 rods
    Tue 2nd April - Cairnton 2 rods
    Wed 3rd April - Cairnton 1 rod
    Thur 4th April - Full
    Fri 5th April - Cairnton 2 rods
    Sat 6th April - Cairnton 3 rods

    Cairnton rods at £105.60 per day inc vat for above dates.

    For all bookings and enquiries please contact Sarah.
    Bookings taken 7 days a week. Card payments accepted.
    01224 872702

    Further 2019 availability - a number of rods are available in each of the weeks listed below. Please contact Sarah to enquire.

    Cairnton - 4 rod beat

    w/c 8th April - 11th, 12th & 13th Only - £105.60 per rod
    w/c 15th April - £112.80 per rod
    w/c 6th May - 11th May 2 rods Only - £112.80 per rod
    w/c 13th May - £112.80 per rod
    w/c 27th May - 30th May to 1st June Only £112.80 per rod
    w/c 3rd June - 3rd to 5th June 1 rod Only - £106.80 per rod
    w/c 10th June - £106.80 per rod
    w/c 24th June - £98.40 per rod
    w/c 1st July - 1st to 3rd July 1 rod only - £98.40 per rod
    w/c 15th July - 15th to 17th 1 rod Only - £72.00 per rod
    w/c 29th July - £72.00 per rod
    w/c 12th August - £72.00 per rod
    w/c 19th August - £72.00 per rod
    w/c 9th September - 12th to 14th Only - £86.40 per rod
    w/c 23rd September - £86.40 per rod
    w/c 7th October - 7th to 9th Only - £86.40 per rod

    Middle Blackhall - 3 rod beat

    w/c 29th April
    w/c 6th May - Sat 11th May Only
    w/c 13th May - 13th & 14th May Only
    w/c 20th May
    w/c 3rd June
    w/c 10th June
    w/c 24th June
    w/c 1st July - 4th to 6th Only
    w/c 8th July
    w/c 15th July
    w/c 22nd July
    w/c 29th July
    w/c 5th August
    w/c 12th August
    w/c 19th August
    w/c 26th August
    w/c 2nd September - 5th to 7th Only
    w/c 9th September
    w/c 16th September
    w/c 23rd September
    w/c 30th September - 2nd to 5th Only
    w/c 7th October
    w/c 14th October - 14th Only

    Middle Blackhall - £63.60 per rod per day all season

    All prices are inclusive of vat.
    Get in touch now to book or enquire for any month during the season.
    01224 872702

    Availability Update - 30th March
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