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  • Bank Report 17th of Feb 2019
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    This was a disappointing week due to frustrating winds & a rise in water through the tail end of the week. We ended up with 20 kelts from both banks.

    I invited the marketing manager of LTS Mark Paterson down for a cast on Friday & Saturday as we had a spare rod.

    Ken Reid & Gary Scott fished the beat hard and managed a kelt each, landed in Middle & Upper Ferroch. 

    I was delighted to meet  the ghillie from Balmoral, David Fernie, who was fishing with us on Saturday. David lost a fish in Middle Ferroch & had a few more pulls. He was using a floating line with a fast sink tip. 

    Andy Ashcroft & Grahame Reid fished Middle Blackhall & Cairnton for the week &

    managed a few kelts out of malt steep and middle & lower Ferroch. 

    Here’s hoping this little rise will pull fish in from below. 

    We have availability this week contact myself 

    On 07809655896

    Or Sarah brogan

    Tight lines 


    Bank Report 17th of Feb 2019
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